The Things People Say About Me…

“Our launch exceeded forecast by more than 23 percent. Thanks, Ted.” — Michael Lu, VP International, Charles Schwab 

“Results beyond anyone’s wildest expectations on three major launches now…he’s like calling in the perfect storm against any marketing challenge.” — Marci Reichelstein, Reichelstein Marketing  

“Ted Cooper is the creative genius behind many of our advertising breakthroughs.” — John Monson, Senior VP, Intuit  

“Ted Cooper’s breakthrough strategies keep working year after year.” — Tanya Roberts, VP Direct Marketing and Sales, Intuit  

“Ted has the rare and precious talent to deliver innovative, high-impact creative that brings to life whatever message you’re trying to deliver in ways you would never have thought of yourself.” — Gary Sulentic, Product Marketing Director, Bitly  

“Laser-focused copy together with invaluable creative and strategic input.” — Barbara Monahan, Worldwide Direct Marketing Manager, Adobe  

“He’s a direct response genius! I’ve yet to see anyone create an email or ad that outperforms his work. Ted Cooper always lifts campaign performance.” — Julie McGill, Director of Marketing,  

“You’re a genius. I really enjoyed working with you.” — Diana Cruz, Public Relations and Promotions Manager,  

“Ted is a great visionary, pushes the team to think harder, asks all the right questions, and delivers results you can count on. Wouldn’t go anywhere without him.” — Anne French, CMO, California Olive Ranch  

“One of the industry’s greats — talent, experience and enthusiasm in equal measure. Every interaction I’ve had with Ted over the years was rewarding, interesting, unexpected and profitable. Don’t even pause before hiring him.” — Owen Frager, Frager Creative Group

“…driving an incremental $25 million in revenue at the lowest cost of sales in company history? Priceless.” Brandt Williams, Senior VP Strategic Planning and Marketing, Kanisa

“I love working with Ted. He arrives at winning solutions time after time.” Bruce Koren, CEO, City Marketing

“Ted Cooper digs in to learn the business, asks the right probing questions…he quickly became a valued member of the team.” David Rich, VP Marketing,

“Ted Cooper generates results. That’s why I turn to him again and again.” Vince Emery, Sr. Director, Marketing Communications, Blue Pumpkin

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